Michael Garland

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This page provides an overview of the main research topics I am or have been pursuing. My complete list of publications is also available.

Parallel Computing

Much of my current work is focused on the problems of parallel computing, with a particular emphasis on massively parallel algorithms for processors like CUDA-enabled GPUs.

Graph Processing and Visualization

This work is focused on improving developing improved mining and visualization techniques for weighted undirected graphs. We focus particularly on scale-free networks, whose vertex degree distributions follow a power law.

Motion Processing

The following papers develop techniques for editing the shape and motion of freely deforming surface meshes.

Geometry Processing

This work addresses the inter-related problems of surface parameterization, remeshing, and topological analysis.

Surface Simplification

I have worked extensively on the twin problems of surface simplification and surface clustering.

Modeling by Example

I have long been interested in finding ways to allow non-expert users to perform interesting 3-D modeling tasks. These papers explore the use of “modeling by example” as a paradigm for surface decoration and editing.

Texture Synthesis

This work was focused on near real-time synthesis of textures from exemplar images.

Spacetime Meshing and Visualization

While at the University of Illinois, I was involved with a project working to develop a new class of spacetime discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods. The papers below address problems related to mesh generation and visualization of the resulting solutions.