Fall 2004

Class meets from 2:00–3:15 every Tuesday and Thursday in 1214 Siebel Center throughout the Fall 2004 semester.

In this course, we will explore advanced techniques for representing and processing geometric object models. Students are expected to have successfully completed the prerequisite course (CS 418) or have an equivalent background. An existing knowledge of OpenGL is assumed, although knowledge of a comparable system (such as DirectX) should be sufficient. Please read the Course Syllabus for more details.

If you’ve taken my Advanced Surface Modeling course in the past, it’s not worthwhile to take this course as well. The material will be largely the same; the course has just been renamed to provide a greater distinction from the Advanced Shape Modeling course being taught by Prof. Hart.


Nov 30
Final projects are due on December 15.
Nov 11
Project 2 is due. Demos will be in the Graphics Lab after class.
Oct 25
Project 2 is assigned.
Oct 12
Project 1 demos in the Graphics Lab after class.
Oct 11
Project 1 is due.
Sep 24
Project 1 update: I’ve posted some sample halfedge code.
Sep 21
Project 1 is assigned.