CS497: Advanced Surface Modeling

Fall 2003
2:00–3:15 Tue/Thu in 106B3 Engineering Hall

In this course, we will explore advanced techniques for representing and processing geometric object models. Students are expected to have successfully completed the prerequisite course (CS 318) or have an equivalent background. An existing knowledge of OpenGL is assumed, although knowledge of a comparable system (such as DirectX) should be sufficient. Please read the Course Syllabus for more details.


December 3       Project 3 update
October 28       Project 2 demos today
October 28       Project 2 is available
October 15       Project 1 demos today
September 25       Project 1 is available
August 28       First day of class.

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Important Dates

August 28    First day of class
October 3    Registration deadline
November 14    Drop deadline
November 22–30    Thanksgiving recess
December 11    Last day of class

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