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libgfx 1.1.0

(Released September 5, 2005)

The purpose of this library is to simplify the creation of computer graphics software. Specifically, it is targeted towards cross-platform development using the OpenGL rendering API and the FLTK interface toolkit. It attempts to provide facilities which are useful in the majority of graphics programs.

This release introduces some (relatively small) incompatible changes with 1.0.x versions of the library. Details on changes can be found below.


Required libraries

Optional libraries

Release History

Version 1.0.1 — released February 3, 2003

Version 0.9.3 — released January 24, 2002

Version 0.9.2 — released August 3, 2001

Version 0.9.1 — released January 16, 2001

Version 0.9.0 — released September 11, 2000