CS497: Real Time Computer Graphics

Fall 2001
2:00-3:15 Tue/Thu in 106B3 Engineering Hall

Many of the most common computer graphics applications — games, visual simulation, virtual environments, design visualization, etc. — rely on advanced algorithms to achieve the real time, interactive display of visually complex environments. In this course, we will explore some of these advanced techniques in geometric modeling, rendering, and simulation. The course will concentrate on current and recent research. Special emphasis will be placed on hierarchical geometric representations of surfaces that enable efficient processing of large datasets. Students should have taken the prerequisite course (CS 318) or have an equivalent background. An existing knowledge of OpenGL is assumed. Please read the Course Syllabus for more details.


November 8       Class dedicated to term project proposals.
October 25       No class
October 25       Second project is due.
October 9       The second project begins today.
October 3       Project demos this evening at 5:00 in 1265 DCL.
October 2       Project 1 due by 5:00 pm.
September 6       The first project begins today.
August 23       First day of class.

Quick Links

  • Class schedule and readings
  • Syllabus and policies
  • Projects
  • Links to on-line resources
  • uiuc.class.cs497mjg
  • Important Dates

    August 23    First day of class
    November 9    Final drop deadline
    December 11    Final projects due at 12:00.
    December 11    Final project demos at 1:30.

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